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Wanted: owner of this chicken

Rusty Funk is hoping to hear from the owner of this black female chicken, which she's been taking care of for a month. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murphy)
Rusty Funk is hoping to hear from the owner of this black female chicken, which she’s been taking care of for a month. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murphy)

Of the Keizertimes

Rusty Funk was walking by the dumpster at her apartment one day last month when she saw something out of the ordinary.

“My son was here, so I told him to come look,” Funk said. “I told him, ‘You’ve got to help me catch a chicken.’”

Initially, Funk didn’t want to do anything with the unusual looking chicken, which has a black body and white feathers on the head.

“I take my two dogs out in the morning,” she said. “I looked and there was this bird. I thought the dogs were enough for me. But I almost walked right up to her and she just stood there. We had her caught in no time. I thought, ‘That’s not a regular chicken.’”

Funk figured the chicken’s owner would be by at any time to claim the bird. That was a month ago. Now she needs the chicken to go home, in part because her neighbors are getting annoyed with their flowers being ransacked.

“It’s not an ordinary chicken,” Funk said. “It’s someone’s pet. She’s not afraid of people at all. Somebody is really missing her. It wouldn’t act like that just with me. I feel guilty keeping her so long. I just want her back to where she needs to be. I do enjoy her, but she’s not mine.”

Funk found out early on she has a female chicken on her hands.

“She was laying one egg every three days,” Funk said. “Now it’s pretty close to one egg a day. She acts like she wants to nest. She goes where she wants to go.”

Funk is temporarily calling the chicken CawCaw, since her mom as a child had a chicken named that. She has seen chickens of regular color before on Cherry Avenue, but not one of this color.

“I talked to my brother in Klamath Falls,” Funk said. “His daughter is into animals and said it may be a Polish with a party hat.”

In the past month, Funk has discovered CawCaw eats just about anything put in front of her and “is an escape artist, that’s pretty obvious.” CawCaw “walks around like she owns the place” and scares off cats and dogs, but hasn’t been mean to Funk at all.

“She sleeps fine,” Funk said. “She’ll come into my bedroom and start making her calls in the morning. She’s never pecked me.”

Aside from the escaping and the flower thing, the only time Funk’s had an issue with her temporary pet involved water.

“I’ve been around a lot of chickens in my life,” she said. “But I’ve never had to give a bath to one with feathers. I tried to, but she didn’t appreciate it.”

Funk has taken out a classified ad in this paper, asking for the chicken’s owner to call her at 503-409-6396 and arrange to take the bird home.

“She’s a beautiful chicken,” Funk said.