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Back-to-school supplies needed


The sixth annual Salem-Keizer Education Foundation School Supply Drive kicks off Friday, Aug. 1.

The drive meets a critical need in local schools by restocking the year-round resource created to provide a permanent, sustainable School Supply Depot supporting the entire Salem-Keizer community.

The drive extends through the end of August with barrels at more than 75 businesses and organizations in Salem and Keizer. The drive helps take pressure off of local teachers who often buy supplies from their own pockets.

“Each year the drive grows with more participants, so we are confident we’ll beat the volume of supplies from last year’s drive which netted over 700,000 items for kids,” said SKEF Executive Director Krina Lee. “The need is profound. We know that 1 in 4 school kids live at or below the poverty level. The School Supply Depot gives our counselors and teachers a place to go to ensure students have all the tools and materials necessary to be successful in class.”

Keizer drop-off locations include: Mommy & Maddi’s Restaurant, Courthouse Athletic Club, First Tech Credit Union, the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Bank, Willamette Valley Bank and Town & Country Bowling Center.

“Our partners are getting very creative and competitive,” said Lee. “Many are creating incentives to get supplies dropped off. Town and Country Bowling is offering discount coupon for school supply donations made at their donation site. We are so appreciative of their generosity.”

SKEF will pick up the collected supplies in early September. Volunteers will sort the supplies and restock the depot, located at Walker Middle School. The drive will culminate with a wrap-up celebration at the Sept. 3 “First Wednesday” Back to School event at Where the Sidewalk Begins, a gift gallery at 233 Commercial Street N.E., benefiting the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation.

Supplies needed: 

• Composition Notebooks 

• 3-ring binders (3 inch, 3 -1/2 inch)

• Dry erase markers 

• Sharpies 

• Math graph paper 

• 9-volt batteries

• Glue sticks 

• Colored pencils 

• Scissors 

• Staplers and staples 

• Paper clips

• Pencil sharpeners 

• Printer paper 

• Scientific calculators 

• Wooden dowels

• Dividers 

• Scotch tape 

• Spiral notebooks 

• Colored markers 

• Highlighters

• Post-It Notes 

• Tissue boxes 

• White glue 

• Masking tape 

• Duct tape