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Day: August 6, 2014

More Cherriots changes planned, still no weekend service


Salem-Keizer Transit is Moving Forward on a system redesign based on the results of a comprehensive service analysis.

Moving Forward is based on the concept of a “ridership/coverage trade-off.” Increased frequency on busy routes equals higher ridership, as more people are able to use transit without lengthy waits.

The Moving Forward project has several phases. Phase one would result in:

• Increased frequency on busy routes that serve jobs, shopping and places people go, such as medical centers, grocery stores and colleges. Buses will be scheduled every 15 minutes on these busy routes.

• Buses running on a consistent schedule throughout the day.

• More direct routes and fewer transfers, resulting in reduced travel time.

Phase one is based on current funding and could be implemented as soon as next summer. It does not include weekend service. Future phases would require additional funding and would provide extended evening service and weekend/holiday service. If additional funding were to become available, then extended evening or weekend service could be implemented quickly.

You can find maps, a list of outreach events, and a link to provide feedback at