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November election in Keizer

To the Editor:

How do you feel about having an election and you know the winner before you vote? I am referring to the election in Keizer when there may be no opposition for council positions and the mayoral spot. The people running for positions may be well suited for the job but it would be nice to have a choice.

It would be worthwhile in knowing how many people don’t think the candidates are suited for the job. If only one person runs for a position the candidate might think they have a mandate and everyone supports them and their ideas. Perhaps we should consider all the people who don’t vote for them as a vote against them.

I talked with several well educated Keizerites who don’t have a clue what the issues are in Keizer and they don’t care. They don’t take the time to study candidates either. For example, unless people read the Keizertimes or watch Channel 23, they don’t know how much compensation we pay our city management. Furthermore, they don’t have a hint as to how much tax money is spent on public art or money on Keizer parks. The only time most people pay attention is when their taxes are going up and not how their tax dollars are spent.

Bill Quinn