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Law enforcement

To the Editor:

If people of all colors would obey lawful commands of law-enforcement officers they would not be subjected to any kind of harsh treatment.

It seems to me that these people have attitude problems or suffer from mental problems. They may even feel they are entitled. Sure, there are some cops that have superior attitudes and foul personalities but most cops just want to protect and serve the public. They don’t make the laws but are employed to enforce them. Don’t forget our peace officers see the worst of people every day while on duty.

When citizens are in trouble they call the police for protection and resolution of problems because it is their sworn duty to act.  Every police officer wants to go home safely to their family after their shift. Nearly all of the police shootings or violent actions have occurred when the person continued to act in some kind of a hostile action or a disregard of a lawful order. A recent news paper article cited statistics showing blacks were arrested three times more than whites. This was true both from national and local statistics. Could it be that blacks commit crimes three times more than whites?  I may be naive but I don’t believe that most cops look the other way when a white person commits a crime and arrests a person of color for the same offense.

Bill Quinn