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We are all Ducks now

On Monday, Jan. 12, we will all be Ducks. Even some diehard OSU Beaver fans will probably be cheering for Oregon—if not specifically for the University of Oregon Ducks as they play for the national champsionship.

For the person who has limited interest in such things, this game is huge for all Oregonians. Monday’s game is the very first title game of the Bowl Championship Series. Those with a passing knowledge of collegiate football know the name of Marcus Mariota—our Heisman Trophy winner.

Regardless of what team one roots for our chests should swell with pride that our college football team has reached the pinnacle. Win, lose or draw, we will have bragging rights forever—we were there first.

By 5:30 next Monday evening the streets will clear as eyes will be glued to television screens in Keizer and throughout the state. Fans who bleed green and yellow will have their paraphanelia at hand, ready to take to the streets in victorius celebration. For those who like to live on the edge, spending the evening in Eugene promises to be a raucous time.

The championship appearance will be a huge boon for the University of Oregon as well. Viewers from across the nation will see advertising for the university, they’ll see the beautiful scenery of our state. This will be a major public relations event for us.

Regardless of how the game turns out we are confident the Ducks will win or lose like a sportsman, with no snubbing of the other team and certainly no rioting in Eugene or anywhere else.  Because Oregon is different and we’ll show it on Monday night.   —LAZ