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Pit bull kills small dog in McNary Estates


Of the Keizertimes

An aggressive pit bull got away last Saturday, Jan. 31 after attacking a small dog and three humans in the McNary Estates area.

The small dog had to be put down the next day.

Steven Strean said he was just returning to his home on McNary Estates Drive in the early afternoon when he spotted neighbor Cheryl Harper jumping up and and down, waving her arms and asking for assistance since neighbor Marcie Lim and her small Maltese dog were being attacked by a black pit bull with white markings on the nose and chest.

“I drove down there and jumped out,” Strean said on Monday. “The dog had just, for a third time, yanked the (small) dog out of the lady’s arms. It just grabbed the dog and proceeded to go back in between two houses to finish the job.”

Strean said he and Alex Estrada approached the pit bull from opposite directions in an attempt to grab it and save the maltese.

“I was desperate to find something big to hit him with,” Strean said. “I broke some bamboo poles over his head, but it didn’t phase him. He moved around the yard with the other dog in his mouth.”

Strean said the little dog somehow got away.

“I called 9-1-1 and we were trying to hold the dog in the backyard until the police came, but this dog got away,” Strean said.

Strean said the Maltese had to be put down the next day due to the injuries, while Lim had injuries to her face and 17 stitches on her arm due to the pit bull biting clean through. In addition, the pit bull bit clear through Estrada’s thumb.

Three officers with the Keizer Police Department responded and looked for the pit bull, but were unable to find it.

According to officer Andrew Phelps’ report, Estrada noted a brown bulldog was running along with the pit bull, but did not attack anyone or get aggressive. The report noted both dogs were seen running south into a field.

Officers contacted a farmer in the field on a tractor, who reported seeing two dogs run south out of his field and a short time later saw a man in a silver Subaru looking for the dogs.

According to the report, there were no additional calls about the pit bull the rest of the day and no further action is being taken due to no leads.

Jeff Kuhns, deputy police chief with the KPD, has advice for dog owners.

“They should know that it’s a violation to allow a dog to run at large such as the two dogs that were said to be running at large when this incident occurred,” Kuhns said.

Those with information can contact the KPD at 503-390-3713.

Strean said the sights and sounds from last weekend will be hard to forget.

“You should have heard the screams (by Lim),” he said. “It was horrible. It was ugly.”

Strean emphasized he’s a dog lover who has had dogs most of his life and is currently looking to adopt one.

“I want this dog caught and found so (it’s owner) can be found responsible,” Strean said. “You have expensive doctor bills, plus this lady lost her little dog. I think the guy’s got some explaining to do. This dog has to be euthanized. If that was my dog, I would say that needs to be done. This dog was crazy and will do it again if it gets a chance. I want to do everything I can to find the dog so the owner will be held responsible. If they don’t catch this dog, very likely this will happen again.”