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Roundabout coming in July

A roundabout, similar to the one shown here, is scheduled to be constructed at Verda Lane and Chemawa Road North. (Courtesy of American Public  Works Association)
A roundabout, similar to the one shown here, is scheduled to be constructed at Verda Lane and Chemawa Road North. (Courtesy of American Public Works Association)

Of the Keizertimes

Another road project involving Chemawa Road and the state has been pushed back.

In this case, however, the delay is relatively minor.

While delays pushed back the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Chemawa Road reconstruction project a couple of years – it was finally completed late last year – a new roundabout at Chemawa and Verda Lane is still on track to be done this year.

Bill Lawyer, Public Works director for Keizer, said Monday bids for the estimated $2 million project will be opened on May 21, with construction starting a few weeks later.

“The opening day for the bids will be May 21, with the first of July for the start of construction,” Lawyer said. “They are looking at September or early October for the project to be complete.”

The project timeline had called for bids to be opened in January 2014, with the project being done last summer. In the fall of 2013, the dates got moved back to November 2014 for bid opening, with construction this spring.

Last fall, a revised timeline called for bids to be opened in March, with a June start time for the construction.

The project received renewed attention in light of a date change brought to the Keizer City Council last month. The city had entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for right of way services last May, calling for right of way services to be completed by the end of January and the city’s obligation to be $27,832.

The revised agreement has the city’s portion now costing $33,575.09. More noteworthy, however, is the right of way deadline being pushed back to the end of 2017.

“Though this date seems overly far in the future, ODOT’s final acquisition of the property and transfer to the city can occur well after the project is finished,” the staff report read in part. “It is anticipated that the right of ways services will be complete by this date and that the project will be ready for construction.”

Lawyer said there is a need to acquire property for right of way for the project, with the amendment to the agreement ensuring ODOT can transfer title of the acquired property to the city.

“Having the 2017 date ensures the agreement won’t have to be amended again should there be some kind of hold up on transferring the property to the city,” he said. “The transfer of the property normally takes place after the construction is complete so the timeline is set farther out.”

Lawyer said on Monday the roundabout acquisition has to be certified two weeks before the bid opening date. Sidewalks will be included in the immediate vicinity of the single-lane roundabout.

Lawyer noted this project is being handled differently than the Chemawa reconstruction.

“This is a consultants project with ODOT oversight,” he said. “This is more typical of a grant-funded project. ODOT oversees the administration of the project and the acquisitions, but the actual design and construction is up to the consultant.”