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Day: March 11, 2015

Enrichment Academy packs them in at WMS

Kelly Hafer instructs a pair of Wolverine wrestlers.  (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)
Kelly Hafer instructs a pair of Wolverine wrestlers.
(KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)


Of the Keizertimes

At Whiteaker Middle School, 128 students are taking part in enrichment activities after school several days each week.

Options run the gamut from sports like wrestling, volleyball and fencing to art and knitting clubs.

“We now have 10 girls who have learned how to knit,” said Michele Husseman, enrichment program coordinator.

In addition to exposing students to new activities and hobbies, Husseman said she strives to reach students who otherwise might go home to an empty house. Providing a hot meal and an activity bus has also boosted participation.

“Wrestling is the best choice I’ve ever made because it helps me lose weight, gain strength and it builds my confidence,” said Coleman Young, a Wolverine seventh grader.

Wrestling, which is offered by WMS teacher Kelly Hafer, got an extra boost this season when an anonymous donor gifted the program with 30 pairs of nearly new wrestling shoes. Fifteen students are already making use of the donation.

The programs also provides incentive in the classroom.

“Wrestling is a really good sport. I keep my grades up so I can do it,” said Josue Reyes.

Husseman has seen the Enrichment Academy pay off in numerous ways.

“Students’ attendance has improved as kids are more engaged in school and the community. The Enrichment Academy classes are also a great way for staff to interact with students in a more informal manner,” she said.

She is always looking for new volunteers to share their talents and hobbies.

“I would love have to someone help with a program called Lemonade Day. Another program I would like to offer is called ScienceGirls,” she said.

Lemonade Day is a program for young entrepreneurs. Interested volunteers can contact Husseman at [email protected]

(Editor’s Note: Kelly Hafer assisted in the reporting of this story by collecting quotes from students.)

One day, two garage sales on tap for Aug. 1 in Keizer


Of the Keizertimes

Looking to do as many garage sales as possible in one day in Keizer?

If so, remember this date: Saturday, Aug. 1.

That is the date members of the Greater Gubser Neighborhood Association will be holding their third annual neighborhood-wide garage sale.

That is also the date for the 17th annual McNary Estates garage sale.

Having the two big sales on the same day wasn’t planned. Both groups chose the date to avoid conflicts with other events and happened to inadvertently create a new conflict.

“It was certainly not a competitive thing with Gubser,” said Dave Parker, organizer of the McNary Estates garage sale and president of the McNary Estates Homeowners Association.

While the McNary Estates sale used to be on the third Saturday of August, last year the event was held on the second Saturday of that month.

“It conflicted with so many events going on,” Parker said. “There was a big family golf event, RIVERfair and a bunch of other activities. So we changed it to the first Saturday for this year. We couldn’t change it to later in the month because there is too much going on like fairs, school starting and Labor Day.”

However, the latest date change wasn’t widely known. When GGNA members discussed when to have their sale during their January monthly meeting, it was emphasized the McNary Estates sale has traditionally been held on the third Saturday of August.

“The end of August is too close to school,” GGNA president Mark Caillier said at the January meeting. “This is what I’ve been advised, to have it at the start of the month. I would say let’s go with the first of August.”

When Caillier was reminded to not step on McNary Estates’ toes, Caillier pointed out that was one reason for choosing Aug. 1.

“That’s a huge garage sale they have,” Caillier said. “We don’t want to piggyback.”

During the February GGNA meeting, Caillier noted the conflict with the garage sale.

“We had scheduled it for Aug. 1,” he said. “McNary Estates changed theirs to the same date. I still think Aug. 1 is a wise date at this point. If we try to go later it’s an issue.”

Gerry Nichols was among the GGNA members agreeing with the idea of keeping the sale on that day.

“I think that is a perfect date,” Nichols said.

Caillier noted the sale will officially run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Brad Coy, the former GGNA president who learned how to launch the garage sale thanks to tips from McNary Estates residents, suggested using Google maps to mark what houses will be participating.

“It would be easy to create a survey saying what you have and send it out by Nextdoor, Facebook and more,” Coy said. “You would click on a few boxes, then convert to a Google map.”

Coy noted two garage sales on one day will make logistics more difficult, particularly for participating sellers who would also want to check out the wares at the other neighborhood.

“With it being the same day as McNary, one thought was about people here being able to go to McNary as well,” Coy said. “Keep in mind there are a lot of garage sale hawks looking for the deals. Having the McNary sale on the same day, it will likely attract that crowd in more force than if the sales were on different days.”

Parker, who noted the McNary Estates sale will go from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., sees no issue in working with GGNA members on promoting both sales together.

“I would not be adverse to that,” he said. “We have our signs at entrances to McNary. We had 98 participants last year. It was successful. The number has been over 100 on occasion. The last few years it’s been in the high 90s. The United Gospel Mission comes for leftovers at the end. We tell people, anything you don’t want when it’s over, put it at the foot of your driveway and UGM will pick it up.”