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Day: March 12, 2015

Art interest picking up

Members of the Keizer Arts Commission discuss the work of local artist Louise Boucher during their Feb. 24 meeting. (KEIZERTIMES/ Craig Murphy)
Members of the Keizer Arts Commission discuss the work of local artist Louise Boucher during their Feb. 24 meeting.
Craig Murphy)


Of the Keizertimes

Things are filling up for the gallery at Keizer Civic Center.

In the last couple of years, efforts have been made to get new art hanging at city hall on a rotating basis. That effort is paying off.

Currently the Mid Valley Quilt Guild has work on display. The exhibit went up in January and continues through the end of March, for the second consecutive year. The group is expected to return again next January.

At their meeting on Feb. 24, members of the Keizer Arts Commission – expected to be formally renamed the Keizer Public Arts Commission soon – went over the upcoming schedule of exhibits.

Up to 50 paintings by Louise Boucher will be on display from April through June, followed by a Colored Pencil Art display from July through September. Student art from McNary High School is expected to adorn the walls from October through the end of the year, followed by another quilt display. Next spring, the photos of Mike Hare will be up.

KAC chair Lore Christopher gave background into Boucher’s work and had Nate Brown, director of Community Development, present a slideshow of the work.

“This is a request from a Keizer legacy family, the Bouchers,” Christopher said. “This is one of the families that helped with the ballot for this to be a city. There are about 50 paintings available. There will be nothing inappropriate. It’s a life’s work show of a community member. Nate’s fear is more people will come forward (with art to display); I’m fine with that.”

Brown noted sizes on some of the pieces are unknown, which means all of the pieces might not fit in the gallery.

Christopher noted some of the pieces have been in Boucher Jewelers on a rotating basis in the past.

“People will really respond to that,” Christopher said. “She’s painted for something like 38 years. She’s no longer painting.”

As Brown continued to go through his slideshow, KAC member Rick Day was impressed.

“These are wonderful,” Day said.

Christopher acknowledged another issue to figure out will be framing, but she expressed confidence issues will get worked out.

“Ron Boucher contacted us and said, ‘It would mean a lot to our family to allow our mother to display her work.’ I said I think we can do that,” she said.

Christopher appreciated Ron contacting the city with the idea.

“I love that he wanted to do it for his mother,” Christopher said. “Many are familiar with the paintings by coming into Bouchers. I think it’s wonderful to do.”

The display will begin somewhere around April 1. It hasn’t been determined yet if there will be a reception. Brown said Ron indicated the family would be fine with pieces being sold while on display. KAC members noted that would require the family to come up with cards to put next to the pieces.

After the colored art display in the summer, Christopher is hoping to have a Salem-Keizer Education Foundation Art Show from October through the end of 2015, with another wall filled with art by MHS students. Christopher noted she still has to set things up with Krina Lee (SKEF) and Todd Layton (MHS)

“They have an art show right now at Keizer Heritage,” Christopher said of MHS students. “Everything is professionally matted and tagged, with the name of the artist and the piece plus the price. They’ve sold 12 pieces so far. Todd was interested in having a student art show here. We would partner with SKEF for doing a show. I’m thinking we could curate our own show for October through December. I think that’s the perfect time to have art by kids.”