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Everyone suffers from food fight

To the Editor:

Regarding Food fight escalates (Keizertimes, Sept. 4):

It’s hard to know which corporation to believe: Haggan or Albertsons. I do know the promised lower—or same—prices never materialized much to the surprise of the customers and the employees of Haggen. It seems Albertsons has more to gain as it owns the lone grocery store in Keizer (Safeway) which already had long waits in line.

What is not noted in the article is how this will also effect the local small businesses. Will Creekside Shopping Center now become another Schoolhouse without it’s “anchor”? I do hope it is filled soon, either Roth’s, Trader Joe’s or WinCo would be welcome. However, when Albertsons sold this particular store it also included the building, and shopping center parking lot which is co-owned by another party. So how will it all affect gaining new tenants? I really hope it dosen’t. There are already too many empty spaces in this town.

Tony Grove