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Water will be Oregon’s #1 issue soon

It is that wonderful time of year when we stop and give thanks for all that we are blessed with as individuals, families, a state and a nation.  I am so thankful for my family, my friends and the wonderful people of Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg who make up House District 25.  I am honored to serve you.

This past month the Oregon Legislature held one of it’s quarterly “Legislative Days” where we have committee hearings on topics that may or may not see the light of day in the short 2016 session.  There is a lot of talk, both in the Capitol and in news media about possible ballot measures next year or the chance that the Legislature might address the issues behind these ballot measures.  There is the talk of raising the minimum wage, a corporate sales tax and a “cap and trade” on carbon fuel.  As a conservative, I am opposed to all of these issues and though I’d love to go into detail on the how and why, I don’t have the room here but to say: we need to find ways to help every day citizens have better lives without the government intruding.  I believe we can address all of these issues in creative yet intelligent ways.  I will talk about these issues as we draw nearer to the 2016 session.

One topic that came up in my Rural Communities Committee that is not getting any media attention is water.  Without getting into the debate over “man-made climate change” it’s very apparent we are in a season of less rain and more importantly, less snow in the mountains.  I was made very aware of that fact in our committee and the need for action by the Legislature to ensure all Oregonians have a good, steady supply of water, especially in our rural and agricultural areas, of which much of our district is made up of.  I strongly believe that water, or lack of water, will be the most important issue that we in Oregon will face in the next 20 years, more important than any of the issues I’ve listed above.

I love hearing from you and always reply whether by e-mail, mail or phone.  Please know that I am here to serve you and that I do want to hear from you.

(Bill Post represents House District 25. He can be reached at 503-986-1425 or via email at [email protected])