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It’ll be a lemony day

Imagine a Sunday in the very near future. Now imagine being able to sample lemonade at stands throughout Keizer and Salem on that day. Lemonade that is the product of the creative imagination of kids throughout the region.

That Sunday, May 1, is Lemonade Day, a national project that teaches kids how to be little businesspeople. The first Lemonade Day in our area was in 2014. Now under the guidance of the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation and the support of dozens of sponsors, kids of elementary- and middle-school age will be able to make some money for themselves.

Orignated in Texas, Lemonade Day was devised to give kids an idea of how a business is created including planning, following through and enjoying the profits.

Lemonade Day in Keizer and Salem will be as creative and diverse as the kids who register a stand. In recent years some Lemonaders have joined with siblings or friends to create a lemonade recipe (often with the help of parents), building a stand and most importantly, deciding where to locate their stand. Some have erected their stands in front of their houses; others have received permission to put their stands at busy retail locations.

Lemonade Day is a fun activity including parents. Either individually or with a team, each little company gets to devise a name for their stand, test different recipes to come up with the ulitmate lemonade. By asking for donations from grandparents, parents or neighbors, each team is able to purchase the ingredients for the lemonade and the stand.

Besides learning how to build their own business from the ground up, Lemonaders learn how to manage money. Each registered stand agrees to split their money in three piles: one third for their education, one third to donate to a charity of their choice and, best of all, one third to use as mad money.

Getting involved with Lemonade Day should be seen by parents and kids as a worthwhile and fun project. Parents can be the ultimate mentors to their budding businesspeople, steering them in the different aspects from seeking money needed to create the best lemonade stand and the most delicious lemonade available.

On May 1 there will be stands throughout the entire region. Some stands will serve lemonade with fruit additions and baked goods as an upsale, some stands will be gathered with other stands in a pod-formation to attract the greatest number of customers.

Lemonade Day is a fun project in which the kids learn something: teamwork, salesmanship, design and more. With the helping hand of a parent, guardian or family member, our kids will be out in force that day, proudly serving their hearts out. It won’t matter if their stand is in The Meadows or Gubser neighborhoods or in front of a busy storefront. With guidance they’ll have fun, help others and add to their education fund.

Registration is open now at