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Day: May 10, 2016

Keizer man arrested on sex abuse charges

Keizer Police arrested the driver of this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy Keizer Police Department)
Keizer Police arrested the driver of this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy Keizer Police Department)

A middle school student is being hailed for helping to capture a 22-year-old Keizer man who was arrested Tuesday morning on 10 counts of encouraging child sexual abuse.

According to the Keizer Police Department, the incident started shortly before 8 a.m. Monday with a 13-year-old seventh grade female student walking to Claggett Creek Middle School observed a male she believed had followed her to the school, taking either photos or videos of her with his cell phone.

The student made note of the man’s vehicle, license plate and large sticker on the top of the windshield and reported those details to school staff. Staff, in turn, reported the incident to the KPD. Sgt. Trevor Wenning and School Resource Officer David Zavala being looking into the case.

About 24 hours later, Zavala patrolled the area and saw a male in a vehicle matching the description near the intersection of Alder Drive NE and Pleasant View Drive NE. Zavala followed the vehicle and saw it be parked in front of a residence on the 3700 block of Pleasant View Drive. The driver exited the car and went into the residence.

Once back-up arrived, Zavala asked the driver, 22-year-old Trevor Philip Highsmith of Keizer, to come outside. Highsmith gave consent for officers to search his cell phone and volunteered to go to the police station to be interviewed.

Investigators found dozens of images of child abuse on the phone. In addition, several images of female students were found on the phone, appearing to be walking to or from school. Investigators believe those pictures were taken within the past three weeks.

Highsmith was arrested and taken into custody on 10 counts of encouraging child sexual abuse in the second degree. He was taken to the Marion County Correctional Facility.

The KPD is continuing to investigate the incident and the images found on Highsmith’s phone. Anyone with information is asked to contact Zavala at 503-390-3713 ext. 3512.

Big Toy gets new trees

Don Shelton (left) and Kevin Pack (right) plant a tree near the Big Toy April 28, assisted by Shelton's grandson Hayden Shaw. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murpy)
Don Shelton (left) and Kevin Pack (right) plant a tree near the Big Toy April 28, assisted by Shelton’s grandson Hayden Shaw. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murpy)

Of the Keizertimes

The plan all along was to have more trees around the Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park.

Kevin Pack with Optimum Learning Environment (OLE), a charter school within Keizer’s Forest Ridge Elementary, was looking for a place to put in new trees.

When Pack, president of OLE, got together with Keizer Parks supervisor Robert Johnson, both needs were met.

On April 28, OLE students came to the Big Toy and helped with the planting of four new trees. Two of the trees are Japanese Stewartia, while the other two are Weeping Giant Sequoias. Johnson and Pack did the planting before students came, assisted by Public Works employee Don Shelton and his 10-year-old grandson Hayden Shaw – after all, it was take your child to work day.

Once students arrived, they helped fill in dirt around the trees and then played at the play structure until doing presentations to project sponsors.

“I like it,” Johnson said after the trees were planted. “It sets off the corner here really well. It looks like a playground entrance now. It was always an idea I had to have a grand entrance to the Big Toy, but there was no timeline.”

Last year OLE students planted a new tree elsewhere in KRP. Not long after that, Pack called Johnson to talk about where to go this year.

“I contacted Robert last May about wanting to do something,” Pack said. “He made the suggestion of putting in sequoias here. Robert was such an easy guy to work with. He’s so kind and respectful.”

At the time, the Big Toy was about a month away from being built but Johnson could already see the future need.

“Forest Ridge wanted to plant trees and asked where,” Johnson recalled. “I said the Big Toy would be perfect. It looks way better with these in. It looks way more inviting now. It will attract your eyes to the left when you’re going down Walsh Way.”

The city helped sponsor the project, with trees coming from Northwest Shade Trees in Brooks, with Brooks Tree Farm delivering the trees.

“The kids donated money to make it happen,” Pack said. “They put in $600 of their own money. That helped pay for signage and a gift to the city to maintain the trees. It was quite a bit they did. It helps to contribute to their ownership and investment. They are really putting their effort into this. It’s continuing our investment into Keizer parks.”

Pack said Northwest Shade Tree cut the price in half upon learning it was for a school project.

“They gave us an incredible deal,” Pack said.

As he looked at the finished project, pride was evident on Park’s face.

“It’s pretty awesome,” he said.