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Join me, vote for Gary Johnson

To the Editor:

To the Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who feel cheated and do not want to vote for either of the nominees of the two major parties, I urge you not to waste your vote on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but to turn to a viable third option: Gary Johnson, the nominee for the Libertarian Party, and his running mate, Bill Weld.

Governor Gary Johnson is the only candidate in this election who makes sense on the issues important for this country. He advocates an agenda that stands on the principle of limited government, in both economic and social life. Adhering to the Constitution, he views freedom as the guiding principle of his campaign for the presidency and beyond.

Johnson served as a two-term governor of New Mexico—a Republican in a Democrat state—and oversaw the most successful period of growth in the state’s history. As governor he cut spending, balanced the budget, and vetoed more wasteful spending bills than every other governor in the country combined, leaving the state with new schools, hospitals, highways, bridges, and a billion dollar surplus. All without raising taxes a penny.

Like Johnson, Bill Weld also served as a two-term governor but in the state of Massachusetts. He was also a Republican in a Democrat state and was reelected with 70 percent of the vote – the highest percentage ever in that state. He cut spending, eliminated borrowing, balanced the state budget, reformed Medicaid, and cut taxes – never once raising them.

Please carefully consider the decision we have at hand. Fifty percent of Americans aren’t in the Republican or Democratic parties. Why are our only options always one or the other? Join me, and support Libertarians Gary Johnson and Bill Weld come November.

Luke Peets