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One-party rule not good

From the Capitol
By Rep. Bill Post

I hope that you’ve had as good a summer as I have had.  For many of the 20 summers the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes have been here, I was the public address announcer including this summer. I’m a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan so as you can imagine, it’s been very hard to root for future San Francisco Giants.  I bring this up because it reminds me a little bit of politics.  I am a Republican and not ashamed to say so (nor should you in whatever party or non-party you are a part of).

I have to say in all honesty, I not only root for the Dodgers to win, but hope for the Giants to lose. Is that how I feel about politics?  Sort of.  Of course I don’t want people themselves to lose, but I feel strongly that the Republican ideas for making Oregon a better place are the way to “win.”  I feel just as strongly that the Democratic ideas are not always the best way for Oregon to “win” and after these past two years, I’m even more convinced of that regarding the minimum wage hike, paid sick leave, low carbon fuel standard, universal background checks and more.  They might sound like lofty ideas but in reality they hurt more than they help.  The best way to make Oregon successful is to even out “the playing field” by having the Oregon House be closer in Republicans and Democrats and not the current huge amount of difference in numbers. Now one might say that I would like to see those number swing to my advantage, but truthfully, anyone who knows me well knows that I was a huge fan of the 30-30 tie the House had several years ago. I am hoping that the people of Oregon will see that we need equal representation from both sides of the aisle. We can work together, root for each other, and get a lot more done in the process.  In the long and short sessions of 2015-16, over 800 bills became law. Out of those new laws, only about 6 percent were solely chief sponsored by Republicans.  I’ve spoken to people from both sides of that aisle and not found anyone that thinks that is a good representation of all of Oregon.  So, as you think about the elections in the next few months, I’d like you to think about that illustration.

Is that what you want for Oregon?

(Bill Post represents House District 25. He can be reached at 503-986-1425 or via email at [email protected])