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The improbable president

He could never win the Republican presidential nomination. The country would never elect him to the highest office in the land and make him the most powerful person in the world.

The morning after the election proved that in the  end, polls, pundits and media were all wrong. Donald J. Trump defied all the odds and defeated Hillary Clinton to become America’s 45th president.

Trump had his finger on the pulse of middle America—he understood and gave voice to their frustration, anger and anxiety. Now he has ridden that frustration and anger right into the Oval Office. He is the most improbable person ever to be elected to the presidency.

The president-elect did not present an agenda or a set of policies. He has a free hand in policies he’d push for because he didn’t outline any during the campaign. What he said he wants to do is build a wall on the border with Mexico to keep our undocumented immigrants who come here to live off the nation’s largess and take jobs from Americans.

He proposes a ban on Muslims from certain areas of the world. He wants to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. He wants to cut taxes for the wealthy. He wants to rip up or renegotiate trade deals and treaties.

A President Trump won’t have carte blanche to carry out his plans but he will have a Republican controlled Congress to ease the way.

The American democratic system worked. The country elected a leader and we will see a peaceful transfer of power from one party to the other. Our system allows people to say and write what they will about their support or scorn for the leaders of the land. Hillary Clinton supporters are understandably disprited over the election’s results. Trump supporters and Republican are ecstatic.

The country is badly divided politically and culturally. We have to take Trump at his word that he wants to unify a country he helped cleave. He wishes to be the president of all Americans. Hillary Clinton set the right tone at her concession speech on Wednesday morning when she called on her supporters to accept that Trump would be president and to give him a chance to lead with an open mind.

Though Trump did not win an overwhelming mandate, he did win the election. On January 20, 2017 he will become our president and we must give him his due as the victor. Our country is a nation of checks and balances. The people spoke on Tuesday, they have another chance to speak in 2018 and again for president in 2020.

Just as many were surprised by his victory, we may be surprised by what he actually does once he’s in office.