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Popular vote should be rule

To the Editor:

On February 23, our state senator, Kim Thatcher, argued in The Times against Oregon signing on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC).

NPVIC states allocate Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate with the plurality of votes across the country. NPVIC does not change how the Electoral College works. It changes the way states signing it allocate their votes, a state right under the Constitution.

Senator Thatcher seems to prefer the congressional district method that “give[s] the states better representation within their own geographical diversity.” This method moves the level of control from the state (winner take all) to the district. It does not protect “minority opinions or different ways of life” within districts, especially gerrymandered districts or districts with voter suppression laws in place.

Analyses of how the congressional district method might work assume all states adopt this method, therefore eliminating state choice. The only way to ensure every person’s voice is heard is to base presidential election results on the national popular vote. NPVIC only goes into effect when states with 270 electoral votes sign on. If you want Oregon to sign onto NPVIC, contact Senator Thatcher and your state representative today.

Angela Roccograndi