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Support for Mark Bateman

To the Editor:

Mark Bateman is an excellent candidate for the Salem-Keizer School Board. I have observed him in public meetings which had complex issues, emotional overtones and multiple points of view.

He is respectful, a great listener and asks questions that go to the heart of the matter.  Further, he is analytical and clearly looks at the “big picture.”

I cannot think of a more important issue than the education of our children and grandchildren.

As the S-K School Board makes policy decisions, it needs members like Mark Bateman.

Dave Smedema

To the Editor:

I write to encourage persons in the Keizer area to support Mark Bateman for the Salem-Keizer School Board.

Mark is one of the most perceptive individuals I have ever known.  His education, his life experience, his knowledge of the Salem-Keizer schools, his faith, his commitment as a parent with children in the school district—all qualify him as a person to bring insight, wisdom and character to major decisions facing our educational system in the upcoming decade.  A man of vision, he also has a clear understanding of fiscal issues and will seek ways to creatively fund the vital programs needed by our children in this global economy.

Persons with such a background often shun public service, but Mark is offering himself to serve and we need to see that he has that opportunity.  Vote for Mark Bateman!

Joe Scahill