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The conduct of Rep. Bill Post

To the Editor:

I happen to agree with Mr. McCall (Letter to the Editor, April 21) to a degree with his remarks regarding the conduct of Rep. Bill Post when it comes to him representing House District 25. Bill Post, despite his good intentions,  does not fully campaign for issues that don’t benefit his vision of what House District 25 would be like.

A particular issue that I think was never going to work with him is and remains true to this day is the issue of public transportation. It remains my opinion that Post campaigned against the payroll ballot measure last fall despite needing support to win reelection it all comes down to money…the power of money is ever apparent in the world of politics. He claims to have supported this campaign against this measure solely as a private citizen—he supports other issues such as the water crisis in St. Paul during the last storm period always wearing his “private/public” hat. To me you cannot have it both ways. Even after this “dirty” campaign he put forth a half-hearted bill to supplement his participation in the campaign itself—that, too, failed. All he could say was “Well I tried, you could give me credit at least.”

To me this is 100 percent both disappointing and shameful. I do continue to support Bill Post despite his lack of effort on bills that are considered by most Tea Party-styled Republicans to be dead issues.

You can do anything and everything you want that you think is good, Bill Post, but the people don’t forget and the people who put you where you are now will continue to watch and listen to what you say. Please be mindful of the fact that the upper 10 percent who have hundreds of thousands of dollars weren’t the only ones who put you into office; we all put you into office

Dakota Saunders