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Day: May 31, 2017

Many knew plans, no one called police

Of the Keizertimes

Clinton Russell Robison made little secret of his plans to kidnap an ex-girlfriend in the spring of 2016.

According to transcripts of text messages, Robison contacted at least eight people who likely had some knowledge of what he was threatening to do and no one called the police. The list includes Robison’s mother and roommate and the father of the victim.

That stood out to Officer James Young, “During interviews, no one said he wouldn’t do it.”

The closest it appears anyone got to interfering with his plans was a veiled threat from the victim’s father on April 6, 2016, “I have made some phone calls. I highly suggest you stay away from my house the apartment property and my daughter if you call her look at her or touch her even one more time even think about her it is not going to end well for you thank you and have a nice day.”

Robison’s roommate gave him 10 days to move out after the victim forwarded him emails from Robison to her.

“You’re doing crazy stalker s—t. I can’t even bring myself to open the emails. I was sick to my stomach all yesterday and today. This situation has become poisonous to me,” the roommate wrote.

Two months later, Robison was still living at the same address.

Robison tried to enlist another acquaintance as a getaway driver for the kidnapping, but the deal appears to have had a falling out over the drugs Robison was offering in return.

When Robison confided in another ex-girlfriend about the turmoil he was experiencing and the violent thoughts he was having, the woman responded, “Jeez! :-(.”

The woman later told police she thought Robison was just ranting.

Robison’s mother advised him to get counseling. In a later exchange, Robison was frustrated about his mother’s ability to understand the “code” he was speaking in.

“Oh ok,” was the response from another acquaintance Robison told about his kidnap plans. Robison had wanted the friend to help him get methadone for his girlfriend who believed he would be “rescuing” from drug abuse.

At times, Robison’s cousin, David Elliot Cook, appears to be helping plan a kidnapping attempt discussing details like purchasing hair dye, where to lay low and how both men could make their escape. Cook was eventually charged as an accomplice.

Finally, Robison enlisted a friend and her boyfriend to give him a ride over to the victim’s apartment. The pair grew suspicious of a black bag Robison brought with him, and the conversation led to him divulging his kidnap plans.

Robison wanted the couple to get the victim out of her house so he could grab her. Instead, the woman went to the door and spoke to the victim and told her to call the police.

They left Robison hiding in the bushes and did not call police themselves. When the man was later questioned, he said he didn’t interfere because the intended victim might have needed the help.

“Every person we talked to was like, ‘Oh yeah, (Robison is) a problem. Inevitably, we’d ask them if they called the police,” Young said.

None of them had.