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The first rule of Write Club:

Stick with it and you will get published

Of the Keizertimes

McNary freshman Anne Farris began writing poetry in the third grade but it wasn’t until she picked up a copy of The Last of the Pendies and began flipping through its pages that she could see and feel her published work.

“It’s really cool to have something in a published work,” Farris said. “I’ve been hoping to have something like this but I was never able to get this opportunity until now.”

Farris is one of 18 authors in The Last of the Pendies—the McNary Write Club’s sixth book, released on Thursday, May 25.

Farris has three poems in the anthology. Her favorite is Mirrors of Time, which follows a person through the different stages of life as they look at their reflection in a mirror.

Farris likes the freedom of poetry.

Lauren Murphy and Anne Farris look for their work in the latest volume of work by the McNary High School Write Club. (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)

“You can do it however way you want it,” Farris said. “The lines sort of flow. You can find a rhythm or you can just create it to fit your personality to fit your character. You definitely have a lot more expression in poems. It’s sort of an outlet.”

McNary sophomore Hanna Lawson designed the cover of the anthology, which features a purple book-shaped creature with a green eye sitting on a cliff.

Lawson worked on the cover on and off over three days.

“I was really excited to see how it would look on the book. It came out way better than I thought it was,” Lawson said. “It’s really satisfying to hear everyone say ‘it’s really cute’ or ‘it’s really good.’”

Lawson also wrote a short story titled Morals, about a former scientist turned assassin, who is dealing with the morality of his new job.

Lawson said she is currently working on nine other stories.

“Ever since I was in the fifth grade I knew I really wanted to write books,” Lawson said. “I love writing stories and having actual published work is really, really satisfying. The satisfaction of having a physical copy, not a Google docs file, but something you can hand to a person and say ‘I wrote this, I published this, this is a real thing.’”

McNary junior Parker Kehret has found his niche in 100-word stories.

Kehret has three as well as a poem in The Last of the Pendies.

“With 100-word stories you have to leave a lot up to the imagination,” Kehret said. “You only have so many words. You can’t say everything specific.”

The anthology also includes works from Write Club members Emily Dolph, Delaney Campbell, Michael Hitchcock, Emma Syder, Random Pendragon, Rose Nason and Lauren Murphy as well as winners from the club’s February writing contest: Whiteaker Middle School students Sierra Lane,  Layne Ling and Adrien Weathers, Claggett Creek eighth grader Brooklyn Flint and McNary students Brady Ellis, Abigail Faith Henderson and Ivy Wasden.

Paperback copies of the book are available at the Keizertimes office for $5.