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Anyone can run for council

To the Editor:

This is in response to Lyndon Zaitz’s editorial of June 23 (You can’t force people). I agree with most of his comments and opinions in regard to the issue of “inclusivity.”

One of the themes in the editorial is you can’t legislate what people think or who they like. I totally agree with that.

There are standards, however, that the city must follow. They are called the law. To my knowledge the city has followed the law in its charter, ordinances, and resolutions.

Where I take issue with the editor is where he laments that while one fifth of the population of Keizer may be Hispanic only one Hispanic in 35 years has ever been elected to the City Council. He says that is “sad.”

The reason only one Hispanic has ever been elected is because only one Hispanic has ever run for election. That is the “sad” element here.

There may be various reasons why Hispanics do not seek election and that would be an interesting discussion. However, assuming a Hispanic meets the requirements of office like every other candidate must do, there would be no reason they could not be elected.

Jerry McGee