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Impeachment calls ill-conceived

Calls for impeachment of President Trump are whiny and ill-conceived. A political remedy, impeachment has been used against only two of the 44 people who have held the presidency—Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. A conviction by the U.S. Senate, after impeachment by the House of Representatives, removes the person from office. There are no criminal penalties, that would come from prosecuters.

Groups call for Trump’s impeachment because of his Tweets, for his boorish behavior, or for his treatment of women and others. These alone  cannot be considered impeachable offenses.

Calls for his impeachment are as effective as pundits and columnists who write about how Trump should change the way he performs as leader of the free world.

Whether one totally supports Trump or vociferiously opposes all that he stands for, all have to realize that Donald Trump is the man who was elected. There was not much about his personality, background or behavior that wasn’t known. Though he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, he won the Electoral College, which is the only vote that counts.

A person can blindly support a president or blindly hate what and who they are, but supporters and detractors alike need to be clear-eyed and work within the system to bring about the change they wish to see.

Wishes and hopes don’t create change. Involvement and hard work create change. Always has, always will.