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Who keeps saying ‘it’s not like old times?’

This true story certainly expresses people who care, are concerned and are willing to go out of the way to help:

I gave my note, ‘I would like to know if the kitchen would lend me a fry pan?” to our server at the dinning area in Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community as she took our breakfast order. Before she came back with my breakfast, Eric (Human Resources) came over to me and said, “Don, Missy (Melissa Davis, Dietary Office) is out but she will be in touch with you this afternoon.”

“Thank you,” I said and to my table mate Glenda, “They sure are quick and personal around here.”

I had several business calls and I was out until after lunch time when I came back to pick up my mail when I heard, “Don, I have some frying pans for you.”

This came from Missy Davis, our all around excellent cook, server, in charge of the kitchen, meals, menus and personal duties that would stagger most people.

“Don, which one do you like, large, or medium sized pan?”

“Wow that’s quick service. I’ll take the medium one.”

“When you are through just return it to the kitchen,” Missy said as she scurried to her restaurant work.

Now this goes back to my original statement—For all of you who keep saying, “It’s not like the old times.” “No. It’s better,” is my answer for people who care and act for someone else.

Donald Adams