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Writer gets inclusion right

To the Editor:

Thank you Eric Howald for your thoughtful, compassionate and well written column (Why inclusivity matters) in the Aug. 4th issue of the Keizertimes.  It was in stark contrast to the guest  opinion of  L. Brent Bozell, III and Tim Graham, right next to it.

And thank you for all the ways you are obviously contributing to make our community more welcoming and comfortable for everyone.  Some people say you can’t legislate behavior.  But we do that all the time with laws regulating driving, drinking and smoking, and other abusive or dangerous behaviors.  As you pointed out, words matter. Laws, policies and leadership matter.  I believe we can make a difference day by day, person by person, by treating our neighbors and even strangers in the community with respect and consideration.  Thank you for setting a great example.

Kathy Lincoln