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Waremart in Keizer

To the Editor:

Not sure what landscaping/art Winco should be responsible for (Landscaping code revamp meets skepticism at council, Sept. 1).

I am sure of the benefit that they will provide to the community in savings to the annual grocery budget of Keizer residents, should they decide to support the addition of Winco (Waremart) to the Keizer community.  Perhaps, instead of airing the dirty laundry of the city council’s development code and recognizing Winco’s extensive remodel of the previous Albertsons’ location in a positive light, we could report the positive impact that Waremart’s substantial remodel will provide.

I am a loyal supporter of Winco as an extremely positive cost alternative to the grocery shopping experience.  Many communities offer incentives for companies to expand into their communities. It appears that Keizer is fearful that they may leave small amounts of money on the table that they might have squeezed out of future tax paying entities.

Ted Steinke