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A representative for all?

To the Editor:

Seriously?  Our state representative, Bill Post, is back on the air and this time on the crazy station—opening act for the likes of Hair Club model Sean Hannity and Alex Jones.

I get it; I understand the allure of minor celebrity—been there, done that (for 25 years), but legislators are supposed to be serious people who represent the whole of the district, not just the easily fooled fringes.

If Mr. Post wants a career in fake news, fine, it’s a free country and I don’t have to listen to him.  But I hear he’s also filed for reelection and that is troubling.  I suggest he either rein in his ego and look for a grown up job or abandon the reelection bid.  There are serious people out there in both parties who would be happy to vie for the Post post.

Martin Doerfler