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The mad rush to Waremart

The anticipation for the opening of Waremart by WincoFoods at Creekside Center is palpable. Thousands of Keizer households are ready to shop at the city’s second grocery store. The city has had one grocery for several years.

We would expect that once the doors of Waremart are open for business there will be quite the mad rush to check it out and do some shopping.

We would also expect that the city of Keizer recognizes this and will help with traffic control. Creekside Center is notoriously hard to exit onto River Road or Lockhaven Drive at certain times of the day. With a crush of cars entering and exiting the parking lot it would be helpful to have police officers helping direct traffic during rush hour for the first few days of operation.

Eventually a rythym of traffic will be set and people may time their trips to the new store accordingly, but at the beginning the city of Keizer’s police department can do a wonderful service and help residents get to a business that will be pumping lots of tax dollars into the city’s coffers.

That’s worth a few days of police traffic control.