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It sounds interesting…

After Sunday nights’ broadcast of the Golden Globes there was much chatter on Facebook and news sites about the speech Oprah Winfrey gave when she was presented with a lifetime achievement award.

Monday morning dawned with people calling for Oprah to run for president. Her clarion call about a new day on the horizon in which women are treated and paid equal to men and harassment is no longer part of the discourse. She received three standing ovations. Yes, Oprah can speak and she can hold an audience.

But that is not a reason to trip all over ourselves to crown her the next president of the United States. There is a lot to like and admire about one of America’s most popular people.

It was 14 months ago the nation  voted in a media star with no political or governmental service experience. Oprah has no governmental experience.

Those hoping for an Oprah candidacy should stop for a few moments and think about where she stands on the major issues. That will be a long moment because aside from her humanitarianism no one knows her position on taxes, infrastructure, North Korea, Russia and other hot topics.

Hopefully the voters of the United States have learned that vetting a candidate’s positions is more important than applause lines.

“You get a car and you get a car and you get a car,” is lovely and makes a great TV moment but it doesn’t show what kind of a president Winfrey would be.