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Smaller capacity, luxury seating planned

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Of the Keizertimes

Keizer’s new cinema is shaping up to be one of the hottest tickets in town.

While the theater will be smaller than some others in the area, designer James Blissett said it will have some of the most luxurious seating – recliner seats that will allow the audience to relax in a nearly prone position. Blissett is president of Seattle-based The Design Collective.

“It’s the latest thing for theaters, it means there are half as many seats per screen but attendance usually doubles,” Blissett said.

According to Blissett, the timeline for the project has construction beginning in March with an opening in November.

“Theaters usually try to hit one of two opening windows: either before the holiday movies come out or right before the summer season starts,” Blissett said.

The largest auditorium in the Keizer cinema will have a 48-foot screen with 147 recliners seats. Additional auditoriums will range between 40 and 96 seats and the smallest screens will be about 30 feet wide. There will be a total of 594 seats in the 23,700-square-foot house.

The three largest screens will have stadium-style risers while the smaller screens will have seating on six-inch risers.

There might be fewer seats, but there also won’t be any jockeying for the best ones or for a place in line when big movies hit the screen. Assigned seating will be selected at the time tickets are purchased.

“There’s no more showing up two hours ahead to get into a show, just leave enough time to get your popcorn,” Blissett said.

Contrary to what has been mentioned in previous discussions at the Keizer City Council level, the theater will not have a full menu available, Blissett said, but traditional concessions will be available.

“It would be possible to come back and retrofit the current design for alcohol sales, but right now it’s what you would generally expect,” Blissett said.