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Jauregui to play volleyball at College of the Redwoods

Of the Keizertimes

McNary senior Faith Jauregui never gave up on her dream of playing volleyball in college, not even after getting cut from her high school team.

Jauregui began playing volleyball in the third grade at the Boys and Girls Club.

She then played for her school teams at Claggett Creek and on the junior varsity at McNary through her junior year.

But Jauregui didn’t make the team as a senior.

“I was really upset about it but I decided it wasn’t going to be the end of it,” Jauregui said. “That wasn’t going to be my last season.”

Jauregui, a libero, tried out for Southside, a club team in Salem that she had played with since she was 14.

After making the team, Jauregui met Petra Lorenzi, head volleyball coach at College of the Redwoods.

“It was so shocking when I heard that she wanted me,” Jauregui said. “I was really surprised because I got cut from my high school team. But it was awesome. It’s such an amazing feeling. I can’t even explain it. I’m so happy.”

Jauregui signed with the College of the Redwoods, a two-year community college located in Eureka, Calif., earlier this month at Battle Creek Courthouse in Salem.

She celebrated with family, coaches and a dozen young players she coaches on a 12-and-under team at Southside.

“I wanted all of my girls here,” Jauregui said.

Hans Schneider, who leads the sand volleyball program at Keizer Rapids Park, first met Jauregui as a fifth grader at the Boys and Girls Club. Jauregui has also played sand volleyball in the summers.

“She stuck with it,” Schneider said. “She went through the rough times and came out on the other end a better person and a better player. She’s intense. She wants the ball hit to her. She wants to be in there when the game in on the line.”

Jauregui plans to major in nursing at College of the Redwoods and after two years transfer to Portland State to finish her education.