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The good things about America


I do not live in a blue or red state, but the United States of America.

Who could believe the highest office in our United States, the presidency, regardless of which party holds that position, can be mocked, lied about and tried for impeachment by our own Congress, supported by some federal courts.

In the past, their negative remarks were kept to themselves. I have always stated, “A country that falls, falls from within.” Sadly, we are approaching those days at a very fast pace. The current president is being held back by irresponsible people of our country, why? What have our Senators and Congressman done for the state of Oregon? Nothing. Oregon is in debt, the city of Salem is in debt. As of 2016, Oregon was ranked fourth in divorces in the United States. We are ranked in the lower 10 percent as far as poverty is concerned. Now tell me what our local government has done for us? Yet we continue to send the same deadbeats back to Washington, D.C. and elect the same deadbeats here in our state government. All our elected officials say is, “Resist, resist.” Resist, what? Oregon loses in the end. No, Governor Brown, it is not your state, it belongs to the citizens of Oregon. Judge Vance Day has been found guilty already? How?

Our military is the strongest in the world, being held back by know-it-alls in Washington, D.C. who have never served in the armed forces or seen a battle. The ones, who have served, claim to be the Jehovah’s in the righteousness and wisdom. They let Michael Moore’s movies be fed to our college students, showing the Unites States as the aggressors.

I am tired and weary of being lectured by foreign countries who have never won a battle yet they continue to ask for millions of U.S. dollars in aid and complain if they don’t receive enough. I say stop our support and get the United Nations out of the United States. Put the U.N in Germany or France and let them carry the burden. They hate us and always vote against us as well. I am tired of the breast beaters, critics of America at home and abroad who set impossible yardsticks for the United States, but never apply the same standards for other countries.

We never lost the Vietnam War, the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, not the soldiers on the ground, but the Americans who cried for peace were the losers of that war. Whining parents and a weak Congress lost their backbone. This trust in American sentimentality is reinforced every time the terrorist read our editorials, watch our biased television stations or listen to a debate between all Americans alike. This encourages them to set bombs and take pot shots at our troops. In this case, the American warrior really is turned in as the victim. Right now back east, they are fighting over statues dated back to the Civil War era. How many people are aware that China owns more than 2 percent of Oregon land? Nobody knows how much more for sure, but every state in the nation is in the same situation—China owns land in every state of the United States.

As I previously stated, every country that falls always falls from within. I’m so glad to be an American after 37 and a half years of military service, of which three of those years were in combat as an infantry officer in Vietnam. I stand ready to defend our way of life. If you cannot meet our standards, then leave and go live in some other country. I’m tired of hearing about all of the bad things of America. Let’s start today talking and supporting all the good things we stand for. But, it is too late; the final state of it is long but deteriorating life was brought about when Congress and the federal courts succumbed to the power of the internal struggle that started years ago. It is expected with the passing of the Republic, an alternative nation we will become.

Help us God, let us rest in peace

(Michael F. Valdez lives in Keizer. He retired from the infantry with the rank of Colonel.)