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Iris Festival 2018

To the Editor:

A couple of thoughts about the Iris Festival:

First, the new signs are huge improvement over the confusing “Check it Out” banners of the past few years.  And, the parade—gaps and all—is a very good thing.  But, the carnival. Must there be one? And, if there must be one, there must be a better place for it than the Cherry Avenue location.

I shed no tears for the pot shops that are inconvenienced by the carnival, but Gonzalo Cervantes has finally reopened Pronto Signs after years of hard work and does not deserve another giant hassle, even a temporary one.

Without being privy to the details of his lease, it seems to me that Jerry Walker should demonstrate his civic pride and volunteer the parking lot at Volcano Stadium for the carnival.  Baseball season has yet to begin and surely one less Spa Sale or Motor Home Liquidation would not break the bank. Failing the Walker offer, it seems to me the best solution would be nixing the carnival and putting up the beer and entertainment tent somewhere “downtown” with adequate parking and access to food.  Of course, my opinion counts for very little and I would welcome push back from a cotton candy smeared 12-year-old with a hankering for a dizzy spell.

Martin Doerfler