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To the Editor:

When my cat went missing on May 23, I learned a resident here at Briarwood Estates traps cats. I started investigating. I put up missing cat flyers. I talked with a lot of neighbors that did not know, like me, till my cat just disappeared.

The onsite manager confirmed he knew of a resident that trapped cats and that he’d given permission to do so. That is disturbing news. The onsite manager said there was a feral/stray cat issue in this park. I disagree; these are people’s pets. If you trap any cat, you take it to the Humane Society and get the cat scanned for a microchip. My cat is chipped, spayed and a member of our family.

I spent every day he was missing looking for him. I was desperate for answers. I asked the resident if he traps cats. He said yes he did, along with other animals.  He said they are a nuisance and use his good soil as a litter box. I then asked him if he trapped my cat. I told him I want to know where my cat  is and what happened to him. He pointed north and said he released my cat on property north on River Road, near Brooklake Road. My heart sank.

I went there and couldn’t find him. The owner of the property and I exchanged numbers promising to call if he sees my cat. What the onsite manager and the resident did is wrong, wrong, wrong. All this information was agonizing to comprehend. My cat walked into his baited trap, which he told me he baited, and he took my pet and just released him in a field some where. This resident lives a block from my house.

My cat was missing for 11 days. The owner of the River Road property called to say he saw my cat. I rushed over there and brought him home. I want to thank my neighbors for letting me know they were looking for my cat, Shadow, and praying for his safe return. I will never forget what this man did to my cat. It’s animal abuse.

Lori Beyeler