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Water, the Keizer way

Keizer businesses and citizens are due a standing ovation for the way they helped our neighbors to the south amid their contaminated water crisis last week.

A health advisory for Detroit Lake was issued due to toxics from blue-green algae in the water made direct contact unsafe for humans and animals. Salem gets its drinking water from Detroit Lake. Children under the age of 6, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems were advised not to drink the water from their taps. That sent Salem citizens on a furious search for bottled water which, unfortuately bred price gouging by some retail outlets.

Keizer gets all its water from aquifers under the ground and it is accessed with wells throughout the city.  It didn’t take long for Keizer businesses to start posting on social media that the water was fine in our city and Salem residents were invited to come and get what they needed. Keizer businessman Nigel Guisinger was instrumental in getting a campaign started through the Keizer Chamber of Commerce to offer water to Salemites. Soon, Facebook was filled with posts from generous Keizer residents and businesses inviting Salem to come and fill up their containers. The initial advisory was lifted early this week, but on Wednesday an advisory was renewed.

It is in America’s DNA to help others. We do unto others as we wish they would do unto us. It’s no different in Keizer, we jump into action when our neighbors need help.

Kudos to all the residents and businesses who opened their taps.