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City officials need to protect

To the Editor:

Bullets continue to fly across the Willamette River, this time on June 2 into a home on the river and barely missing  the resident.

This, after an incident last Sept. 10 when a hail of bullets sent park-goers running for their lives from Sunset Park and just recently I learned of another occurrence about two years ago in the same neighborhood.

After the Sunset Park incident the West Keizer Neighborhood Association (WKNA) took our concerns to the city. The WKNA Board and numerous neighbors appeared before the mayor, city council and city staff several times, asking that something be done.

Letters were written to the mayor,  councilors and staff including the Keizer Police Department and the Marion and Polk County Commissioners  alerting them to this public safety issue.

We learned that the bullets were coming from a shooting range in a rock quarry across the river. A sign was posted at the quarry alerting shooters that there were residential homes across the river.

Obviously this is not enough!

I am asking our city officials including the police department to do something….Isn’t that your job? To protect your citizens?

This is a serious public safety issue—three incidents in four years!

Do not shrug your shoulders and claim it is out of your jurisdiction. We deserve better.

Carol Doerfler

(The writer is president of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association.)