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Keep cats indoors

To the Editor:

I read the June 8 letter to the editor (#Justice for Shadow) written by Lori Beyeler.  She let her cat outside and a neighbor trapped it and released it miles away.

It is wonderful that she did find her cat.  I feel the person who trapped the cat should be charged with malicious mischief and theft.  I adore cats and feel they deserve care, affection, and safety.

A large part of providing safety for one’s cat is to keep it indoors.  Cats do not need to be outside. People let their pet cats outside because they don’t want to be bothered with a litter box and because they have the misinformation that cats can’t be happy unless they are outside.

A cat cannot be safe outside.  There are numerous dangers to them.  Also, outdoor cats killed approximately 2.5 billion birds each year in the continental United States.  We can’t afford to keep losing birds.

Please keep pet cats indoors.

Aileen Kaye