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Let’s end need for clean-up

We congratulate Richard Boyes on being named Volunteer of the Quarter by the Keizer City Council earlier this week.

Boyes was nominated by members of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association for his work over the past years collecting trash along Chemawa Road from River Road to Keizer Rapids Park. The volunteer works on his own to assure Keizer keeps up its neat and tidy look.

It is unfortunate that anyone has to clean trash from our roadways. After decades of anti-littering messages, especially from an owl (Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute), one would think that private-sector street trash collectors would be a thing of the past. It is not, as evidenced by Mr. Boyes efforts and by those who adopt a street.

Each year volunteers help SOLVE clear tons of trash from Oregon beaches. If volunteers didn’t chip in and pick up wrappers, bottles, cans and other debris, our streets and beaches would look like a landfill.

We grew up hearing the ‘don’t pollute’ message. If we threw a can out the car window or along the curb, we were swiftly comforted. In other words, we were shamed into picking up our cast-off and disposing of it correctly.

We all need to be guardians of our planet, not to mention our neighborhoods and stand up to those who so cavalierly use public lands as their personal waste basket. There’s a place for everything.

We adults have to give a hoot and shame those, of any age, who choose to litter. Until the day comes when no one litters, we will rely upon the concerned volunteers like Richard Boyes.   —LAZ