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Dog rescued

To the Editor:

Kudos to the folks at Keizer Station who took the initiative to rescue a dog from a locked car today,  Wednesday, Aug. 22.

After seeing that the dog was in distress and having failed to be able to locate the owner, they did exactly as the Good Samaritan law (ORS 30.813) prescribes: they broke into the car, called the police, and remained with the dog until the owner arrived. They also waited for the police to arrive.

Given all the information available on how quickly a car can heat up, it is astonishing that some pet owners are still so thoughtless or reckless that they will leave an animal in a locked car on a hot sunny day. With recent temperatures in the high 80s, the temperature inside a car, even with a window open a crack, can quickly exceed 120 degrees—potentially lethal for a pet.

The owner of the dog rescued today did not seem appreciative of the actions of the Good Samaritans. Hopefully, on reflection, she will realize the favor they did for her and her dog, or she will realize that she is not an appropriate owner of a pet.

Doug Parrow