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Oregon is better than these political ads

In a lifetime as an Oregonian, having been witness to giants of morality, ethics and decency, including Mark O. Hatfield, Tom McCall, Robert W. Straub, and Victor Atiyeh, now, in election year 2018, I witness a gubernatorial candidate who says nothing when two small children, allegedly with their mother, are used in a television campaign advertisement that uses propaganda techniques and outright mendacity to advertise support for their guy.  The ad is a bottom feeder of the disgusting kind where one cannot get through it without a stomach churning, migraine headache event.

Credulity is stretched to explosive lengths!  Really, are there homeless camps “everywhere”?  Are foster care children all without food?  Is there no refuge throughout the state for seniors in abusive nursing homes where monsters “care” for them?  And the current governor, Kate Brown, protects horribly depraved conditions for children and seniors a secret (only eliciting a “Shhh!”) while she turns a blind eye to criminally-minded persons who sell drugs while operating day care centers?  For shame on those authors of the video message who know all of it is really fake news!

The Republican candidate for governor says nothing so he leaves us to believe he supports this kind of skullduggery.  Meanwhile, the apparent secret society of cowards, “Oregon Priority,” are too ashamed of their tactics to come out and identity themselves?  Oregon’s TV channels out of Portland, in a state where a citizen cannot have a ‘letter to the editor’ included in any newspaper without including name and address, allow these people to use gross exaggerations and downright prevarications while they hide behind a cloak of secrecy!

We’ve seen this sort of ugly thing used in national campaigns and campaigns in other states but very rarely in Oregon.  It is hoped Portland’s TV stations will manage to grasp some integrity and close down this disgusting example of extreme support for the GOP candidate.  It serves no one, save the sick and deranged among us, and should be brought quickly to an end by Oregonians who will not stand for this kind of perverse and deceitful dirtiness in Oregon politics.  Please find other means of making money.

Lastly, here, in this context, as an appeal for honor and respect among and between current day candidates for public office, John McCain, recently deceased, and a politician who seated self-promotion and self-protection last among his priorities, comes to mind.  How with McCain, even when he could have encouraged ill will against his opponent, Barack Obama, stood his ground and would not capitalize on blatantly prejudicial statements against Obama to further his political aspirations.   We’re in for smoky campaign conditions to match our summer air from now to November 4 unless Oregonians rise to object with denunciations and then, should they be ignored, vote their sentiments.

Gene H. McIntyre in Keizer @503-393-8489.