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Day: October 1, 2018

Auvinen sees fight, ‘glimmer of hope’ after loss to South Medford

Of the Keizertimes

After another disappointing first half of football, McNary head coach Jeff Auvinen saw something in his team that gave him “a glimmer of hope.”

Trailing by three touchdowns, McNary senior Jacob Jackson intercepted South Medford quarterback Giovanni Bottero on the third play of the second half.

Erik Barker then connected with Griffin Oliveira to get the Celtics on the scoreboard and McNary’s defense stood tall, stopping the Panthers on fourth-and-1.

But McNary’s offense couldn’t get anything else going and South Medford added two more touchdowns, including a 60-yard punt return, to defeat the Celtics 35-7 on homecoming.

“I saw some fight tonight that I hadn’t seen for a while, since that West Linn game,” Auvinen said. “The interception, going down and scoring and then the fourth down stop. That was exciting football right there. That’s the kind of football we’re used to. That was fun football, that little stretch. If we play that way all of the time, we just have to get after it and fly around, trust each other and play together, play hard, play tough. That was a glimmer of hope.”

McNary spent the week preparing for South Medford making changes to its personnel, structure and attitudes, and will continue to do so as it prepares for its Mountain Valley Conference opener at home against Sprague (0-5) this Friday at 7:15.

“I’m going to keep trying something until it works,” Auvinen said. “I’m not ever going to give up. I may be one of the most stubborn people on the planet. And I’m old. There’s different ways you can do things and I’m going to keep trying. I think we took a step forward this week and we’re going to do some of the things we did last week and continue those because I think they may have helped, keep looking for new things and make adjustments and hopefully take the battle for four quarters.”

Barker completed 15 of 27 passes for 127 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Junior Walling rushed for 81 yards on 18 carries.

On the growing trade war: ‘Republicans, businessmen and farmers. They are all terrified.’

Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader thinks President Donald Trump’s efforts at trade negotiation are foolhardy at best.

“You don’t throw everything at the wall and end up isolating everybody. You look foolish and you cause bad results for the people you are, theoretically, trying to help,” Schrader said.

Since the beginning of the year, President Trump has unilaterally enacted new or higher tariffs more than 1,000 goods imported into the United States. It includes a number of raw materials, like steel and aluminum, used in other U.S.-produced products.

“I’ve talked to a lot of Republicans, a lot of businessmen, a lot of farmers. They are all terrified. They are terrified of what the tariffs will do to American businesses – and that will filter down to the employees,” Schrader said.

Schrader said the impacts of the trade war are being felt most in Midwest and Rustbelt states, but it’s only a matter of time before the ripples reach Oregon.

“Nike and Columbia are wary because the fact is their products are made by people around the world, but I went up and visited the new hazelnut facility in Donald and they are worried about selling them. The price has fallen precipitously, and Turkey is going to fill that void. That’s a market we’ll lose and it will be devastating to an iconic Oregon industry,” he said.

Schrader laid the blame at the feet of Republicans who, he said, are not willing to intervene in the president’s actions.

“The Republicans should be stepping up here, but the Republicans aren’t doing anything,” he said. “There is no Republican party nationally, there’s some vestiges of the business-oriented, fiscally responsible conservative in Oregon and a bit in Washington. But that is gone in most of the country, and especially in D.C. They are spending money left and right, they are increasing the deficit. Democrats cannot be held accountable for the recent largesse that has gone on.”

Schrader credits the base supporters of the Trump administration in their attempt to hang in with their chosen leader, but felt the trust was misguided.

“They think the president knows better but, with all due respect, he doesn’t know much. It’s very dangerous because they are going to lose their farms at the end of the day,” Schrader said.