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We’re a better country that it seems

This opinion writer has found it impossible to know everything.  Therefore, asking questions while seeking answers has greatly helped in a continuous quest for insights and understandings.

It is reported that Trump party followers find horror in the prospect of any move toward socializing medicine as well as its companion, Medicare-for-all.  Why do we not want our fellow Americans to have insurance coverage like other American citizens, citizen Trump and all members of his family being just one poignant example?  Wouldn’t health insurance enable those having it to get the medical attention they need so whatever’s wrong can be addressed before everyone gets it? Then, too, wouldn’t anyone who’s really needed an emergency room know that if the one hundred folks in line ahead of him had medical insurance they would more likely have gone to a primary care doctor for their bad cold?

Then there’s the matter of new Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh about whom my concerns include a record overflowing with hostility towards affordable health care, women’s health rights, individual liberties, and the environment. He’s also shown again and again that he will side with Big Brother and Big Business over the rights of individual Americans.  Plus there are the withheld Kavanaugh records while he worked in the George W. Bush White House preventing full disclosure, while his alleged sexual assaults against women were not fully investigated.  Should Kavanaugh, a man apparently absent of character and judgment, be sitting on the highest court in the land?

Is there any truth to Trump’s wild and crazy charges that those persons in the so-called “caravan” from Central America, now alleged headed to the U.S. border, include huge numbers of gang members, violent criminals and “unknown Middle Easterners” bent on taking jobs and otherwise destroying us? To the contrary, these people are smaller in number than Trump administration exaggerations (about 300,000 were stopped at our border last year) and, aside from misleading exaggerations to garner votes from his base, are actually persons escaping certain death in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.  Aren’t they actually legitimate asylum seekers at our border to save themselves and their children?

One of the chief concerns on this writer’s list is whether Trump wants to convert our democratic republic into a dictatorship with exclusive authoritarian controls under his supervision.  How does an American like me reach this conclusion?

Well, the facts add up: Trump praises dictators, including the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Recep Erdogan of Turkey, and Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. He says he loves Kim Jung-un of North Korea. He also emulates them by appointing family members to our government’s highest positions, glorifies violence at his rallies, views a free press as an enemy of the people, makes personal financial gain his highest objective, and desires missile parades. Then, too,  there the divisive tactics of fear and loathing used daily by him.  How is it that any American can support what he wants to make of us?

A number of Americans nowadays see things for them as a raw deal and believe they can get back at those responsible by blowing up the U.S. Constitution and terminating our way of life…but where does that view get us? We know Trump now; so, do we want leadership in this country such as Trump’s, sending us deeper and deeper into dark places where laws are abandoned and violence encouraged?  Is that what we want for ourselves, our children,  our grandchildren, and future generations?

(Gene H. McIntyre shares his opinion frequently in the Keizertimes.)