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Fire consumes garage, renders home unlivable

On Wednesday, Dec. 26, the Keizer Fire Department responded a house fire that in the 1100 block of Summer Breeze Avenue North. 

The call was received at approximately 2:18 p.m.

Six emergency vehicles and 20 firefighters were used to put out the fire.

It was classified as a two-alarm fire.

According to Fire Marshal Anne-Marie Storms, the fire started when one of the residents of the house was working in the garage on two of his Ford automobiles from the 1960s. 

While the key was in the ignition of one of the cars, smoke started to come from the tail end of the vehicle — the owner initially thought that it was just exhaust. 

While the majority of the damage took place in the garage, the smoke did cause significant damage to the house as well and even got into the attic.

The cost of the damage is unknown at this point, but the house is currently unlivable according to Storms.